Thank You For 44 Wonderful Years at the Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre!

Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre is closed, but we thank everyone for the support and remind everyone to “always look on the bright side of life.”

For 44 years, Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre was Gatlinburg’s only Musical Comedy Entertainment Attraction and the oldest Purveyor of Professional, Live-On-Stage, Original Musical comedies, outrageous humor and hilarious fun in the Smokies. The theatre was proclaimed a National Historical Treasure by the City of Gatlinburg and recognized by the 112th Tennessee State Senate. The unique format of the theatre, featuring an ode to the 1890s British Music Hall and Vaudeville Style Entertainment, embraced multi-talented performances combining for the inevitable comic mayhem Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre was renowned for.

Our original shows have entertained audiences from all over the country and we were thrilled to produce our unique performance style for many years. Thank you to all who loosened their corsets and enjoyed our unique performances through the years. We’ve enjoyed the laughs and fun! We wish you the best and encourage all to “always look on the bright side of life.”